FREE In Home Consultation

All New Clients Recieve a Free Initial In-Home Consultation 

Before we begin any services we do require a FREE & no obligation initial in-home consultation with you and your pet present. Depending on your pet and your needs, this usually lasts about 30 minutes and gives your pet a chance to meet and sniff their sitter so they are more comfortable when she comes to visit.

No obligation means that if we meet and you decide not to use our services- that’s ok! BUT we are confident you will feel safe with entrusting your pet and your home in our care. During your personalized consultation, we will collect detailed information from you about your pet’s needs, routines, medical issues, and lots more. Together we will create a customized plan designed just for you and your pet(s).

We understand the value of trusting someone in your home with your beloved furry family members, and we know that allowing someone new into your home can be nerve wracking. We want you to know that we are avid animal lovers and also trained professionals who never take the trust you place in us for granted. Every home we visit is special to us and our sitters are held to the highest of standards, as we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service. We are committed to providing a wonderful experience for you and your pet. 

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