Fantastic small business and service! If you are ever looking for pet care while out of town and you live in the Maple Grove area give them a call! Jolene and Trisha are awesome!! You’ll be in great hands. Charlie loves their visits!! You get an updated email and picture for each visit letting you know how things are going. They do all kinds of things such as provide medications, feeding them, litter box, mail check, watering plants, etc. Checkout their site!

Amari, Dobby, & Pippin

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible care you provided Dobby, Amari and Pippin. I felt so comfortable while on vacation knowing they were being cared for by such a kind, competent and responsible individual. I know our fur kids have some “annoying” habits that only a mother could love. However, you seemed patient and tolerant of all their quirks. The daily updates and photos were such a treat. Your sweet note and “treat” for the kids was the cherry on top of incredible service. I would feel most confident referring you to any of our family and friends who have critters who need care.”


“I cannot recommend Two Paws Up enough! We have used Trisha and Two Paws Up for a number of services- mainly dog walking during the day and Pet sitting while we are on vacation. I completely trust her with Finnegan’s needs and he is always so excited to see her! He definitely knows she is one of his buds and there to give him tons of attention.

She loves our dog as her own and her attention to details show how much she cares about you and your pets. She is prompt, does things exactly as instructed and her attention to detail goes above and beyond. Her communication is also great- she gives detailed updates about our dog’s mood, feedings, and always sends pictures!”



“Trish has walked, pet sat, and worked with our dog on training and obedience since he was 6 weeks old. Trish does so much more than just take your dog for a walk. As far as our pup is concerned, she’s a member of our family. If you even mention the “Trish” word Frank gets so excited and wiggly he nearly falls over, “park” doesn’t even elicit a reaction as enthusiastic as the “Trish” word. Frank loves Trish, and so do we!”



“Trisha is amazing with dogs and has been an awesome caretaker for our dog Bowen. She goes above and beyond to make sure Bo is happy and well cared for. I can relax when I know she is with him.”


“Trish has been extremely helpful with our cat when we go out of town. Bruce had a uti right before we were leaving for vacation and required medication. Trish was able to come over twice a day to give Bruce antibiotics, play time, and snuggles. Trish is so amazing with animals that she was able to give our cat his meds without any struggles, how many people do you know who can actually pull that off!?”


“Last September, I purchased a condo and along with the condo I adopted a cat named Midnight.  Midnight belonged to the previous owners.  As I moved into the condo  Midnight moved out through an open door.  After 10 days Midnight was found with the help of my neighbors.  Now with Midnight back at home, and her life in turmoil, I had to go out of town.  I asked Trisha to take care of Midnight while I was gone.  Trisha took tender loving care of Midnight and I came home to a rested, calm, happy cat.  I would trust Trisha to take excellent care of any animal.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as a pet sitter.”

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